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We connect your business to the world like never before.

We are experiencing a new world situation.

The fairs have been canceled, and will probably be in 2021 as well, the movements between one state and another are limited, the possibility of meeting customers physically is increasingly scarce.

In this particular context, but full of opportunities, 3dee has offered its customers the possibility of creating Virtual Tours within which to insert and show their products and services, in a three-dimensional context created ad hoc and tailored to the customer: i Virtual Expo.

No limits to the imagination

Virtual Expo allows an ad hoc storytelling tailored to your business experience, proposing the communication canons to which your audience is accustomed in the physical world (characteristics of the showrooms, appearance of the stands at the fair, graphic characteristics), and emphasizing them exponentially.

Explore the environment:

Any content

Within our Virtual Expo you can insert any type of content:

videos, images, pdfs, audio content, 3d models (navigable in real time), animated presentations, interviews superimposed on the 3d environment.

Everything can be shared easily and instantly!

Explore the environment:

Organize guided tours with video call

Live accompany your customers in the visit of your Virtual Tour: you will be able to see each other, talk, exchange control of the platform.

All without leaving the browser (means that Skype, Zoom, Live, etc … are not needed)

Upgradeable at any time

We have developed a custom interface based on the WordPress engine, powerful and reliable CMS, which will allow you to upload and keep updated the content you want to share

Connection with the real world

However, the virtual experience must not be an end in itself; the goal is to excite your customer and lead him to a contact request in the “real” world.

For this purpose, our Virtual Expo gives the possibility to set appointments (by telephone or videoconference) through an automated calendar, or to access a reserved area in which to take advantage of extra contents (perhaps not disclosed without prior registration) that invite your customer to investigate and seek further contact.


All accesses to VirtualExpo are tracked with Google Analytics, allowing you to keep an eye on the most clicked products, the origin of your users, the devices with which they access.

Virtual Expo will last over time, and you can periodically implement it with new spaces and new contents.

Find out how it works

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